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Welcome to Empowered Beginnings

Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Empowered Beginnings is an all-in-one perinatal wellness center here to provide prenatal and postnatal services facilitated by our wellness consultants. Our group of perinatal professionals provides quality services to the families we serve.

We take the phrase “it takes a village” to a new level.

Our goal is to connect you and other parents who are in the same part of life. In our extended family, we exchange information, resources, hope, encouragement, and the joys of our parenting experiences. We help new parents grow their social connection.

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What To Expect

Studies have shown that families who have support and education during the childbearing time period have better outcomes. At our perinatal wellness center, we offer comprehensive support and education before, during, and after birth. We strive to be an inclusive community where families can take advantage of one or all of our services.


Perinatal therapists are an invaluable resource for individuals and families during the perinatal period. Their specialized training equips them with the knowledge and skills to address the unique mental health challenges faced by expecting and new parents. By providing support, guidance, and interventions, perinatal therapists play a vital role in promoting the mental well-being of parents and the healthy development of their children.

What Is A Perinatal Therapist?

Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful and transformative experience, but it can also be accompanied by a range of emotional challenges. The perinatal period, which includes pregnancy and the first year postpartum, is a critical phase that demands specialized support for both the expecting and new parents. This is where a perinatal therapist plays a crucial role.

Vanessa’s Birth Story

This birth was very special to me. It was such an honor to be asked to be a doula for a doula. I met Vanessa a couple of years ago and have gotten to know her quite well. Vanessa is very organized and my filing usually consists of half folded pieces of papers shoved into the center consul of my car. We balance each other well and we carried that same dynamic into her pregnancy and birth.

How Can A Doula Enhance Your Birthing Experience

Having a doula present during childbirth can enhance the birthing experience in numerous ways. Doulas provide that much-needed emotional and physical support during these challenging times. They can help you navigate the medical system, offer comfort measures, and advocate for your needs and wishes.

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