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Welcome to Empowered Beginnings

Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Empowered Beginnings is an all-in-one perinatal wellness center here to provide prenatal and postnatal services facilitated by our wellness consultants. Our group of perinatal professionals provides quality services to the families we serve.

We take the phrase “it takes a village” to a new level.

Our goal is to connect you and other parents who are in the same part of life. In our extended family, we exchange information, resources, hope, encouragement, and the joys of our parenting experiences. We help new parents grow their social connection.

How Can We Help?

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perinatal wellness center

Infant Care Classes

perinatal wellness center

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What To Expect

Studies have shown that families who have support and education during the childbearing time period have better outcomes. At our perinatal wellness center, we offer comprehensive support and education before, during, and after birth. We strive to be an inclusive community where families can take advantage of one or all of our services.


Prenatal Massage Safety

Pregnancy presents an array of changes, and prenatal massage emerges as a sought-after remedy. But is it safe? Explore its benefits, safety factors, and qualities for a secure, enjoyable experience. Discover when it's safe, key aspects of a good massage facility, and tips for an optimal prenatal massage encounter. Embrace this practice for comfort, stress reduction, and an enhanced pregnancy journey.

Why You Should Try Prenatal Acupuncture

When you think about pregnancy, most associate pain only with labor. While it is a time of joy and anticipation, pregnancy can also be accompanied by a range of discomforts and challenges. Many expectant parents are turning to alternative therapies to manage these issues, and one such option is prenatal acupuncture.

Successful Breastfeeding: The Benefits of Using a Lactation Consultant

In this article, we will delve into the invaluable benefits of using a lactation consultant, explore the advantages of breastfeeding, and how these dedicated professionals can provide unwavering support to ensure a successful breastfeeding journey.

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