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Let Begin With Ashley be your trusted pregnancy and birth companion, guiding you with confidence through the childbirth journey. Exclusively collaborate with Ashley as your dedicated Doula at Begin With Ashley.

Ashley Minihan is the proud owner of not one, but three incredible childbirth business ventures: EB Doulas, Empowered Beginnings, and Begin with Ashley.

Ashley, the driving force behind Empowered Beginnings, the ultimate resource for all things related to childbirth, goes above and beyond by personally training every single Doula at her second company, EB Doulas. She is not merely the owner, but the heart and soul of this comprehensive network, utilizing her vast expertise to guide individuals on their unique journeys through pregnancy and childbirth.

Ashley’s Commitment to Personal Connections, Consistency, and Unrivaled Support

What sets Ashley apart is her unwavering commitment to establishing a genuine and personal connection with each client. By choosing to collaborate with Ashley, you are not just another face in the crowd of pregnancy; you become part of a special bond that extends far beyond the confines of the birthing process. Ashley remains a steadfast pillar of support throughout the entire pregnancy, childbirth, and even the postpartum period, establishing a profound and unbreakable connection along the way.

Moreover, Ashley understands the essential need for consistency during this transformative time. She recognizes the unique benefits her clients gain from having the same Doula by their side from the beginning to the end of their journey. This unwavering presence and familiarity become an invaluable source of comfort amidst the whirlwind of changes and uncertainties. With Ashley, you have someone who truly comprehends your personal journey, ensuring a sense of unwavering support throughout.

Why settle for anything less than a deeply personal and transformative experience? Why not embrace a journey filled with heartfelt connections, reliable consistency, and unrivaled flexibility?

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Personalized Pregnancy and Childbirth Care: Begin With Ashley’s Devotion and Expert Guidance

Begin With Ashley is wholeheartedly devoted to making your pregnancy and childbirth experience as comfortable and enjoyable as humanly possible. With Ashley leading the way, overseeing every aspect of Empowered Beginnings and guaranteeing top-notch training for all EB Doulas, you can rest assured that you are in the most capable and passionate hands.

As an expert Doula, I will help you navigate through pregnancy and birth with all the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your baby. It’s all about giving you unbiased facts and empowering you to take charge of your own journey. So let’s work together, every step of the way, to ensure you get the personalized care you deserve!

Ashley made my birth experience what it was. She is incredibly attentive and compassionate. I wouldn’t want anyone else involved with such an impactful, intimate event. Thanks to EB’s comprehensive educational courses, my husband and I felt prepared as well.”


Owner of Begin With Ashley, EB Doulas & Empowered Beginnings

Meet Ashley Minihan

My name is Ashley Minhan, and I have gained extensive experience working with families over the past 22 years. My initial foray into this field began when I assumed an active role within La Leche League after the birth of my eldest child. This led to the establishment of a support group tailored specifically for young mothers. Throughout my professional journey, I have engaged with parents and their young children in various capacities. I have led parent-child playgroups, extended in-home support and education to parents, and conducted multiple workshops for both parents and professionals. 


Beyond my professional credentials, I am also a mother and have previously served as a foster parent for infants. My extensive certifications include areas such as being a DONA Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, Spinning Babies Parent Educator, Passenger Safety Technician, Parent Educator, Bereavement Doula, Circle of Security Facilitator, as well as holding credentials in Parents as Teachers, Touch Points, and a Family Development Credential. 


My main goal is to be there for families, both before and after their little ones arrive, as they navigate the amazing world of parenthood. I absolutely love helping parents explore their options and figuring out what works best for their unique families. By sharing my own personal and professional experiences, I strive to empower parents and give them the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. No pushy opinions or judgment here – just constant emotional support as they go through this incredible journey of being parents.

 Exclusively Ashley Doula Package: $3700

Postpartum Visit  ♦  Two Prenatal Birth Plan Visits  ♦  Unlimited Office Visits  ♦  Labor/Birth Support

In-Person Weekly Postpartum Group

Every Monday night we offer an open zoom group for our clients to connect and ask questions. 


    Empowered Beginning Classes Included with the Begin With Ashley Package: ($900+ value)
    Choose One Childbirth Course: 
    • Childbirth, 4-Week Course (worth $300)
    • Childbirth, Zoom (worth $150)
    • Childbirth, 1-Day Class (worth $120)
    All Of These Classes Are Included:
    • Advanced Coping Strategies for Labor (worth $120)
    • Spinning Babies for Parents (worth $130)
    • Mindful Birth (worth $50)
    • Infant Safety & CPR Class (worth $120)
    • Newborn Care Class (worth $80)
    Choose One Breastfeeding Course
    • Breastfeeding Basics (worth $50)
    • Comprehensive Guide to Breastfeeding (worth $80)

    What Happens During Labor?

    During labor, I provide 24/7 availability, offering support and staying with you until after your birth. I can suggest positions and techniques for optimal fetal positioning and provide comfort. I aim to help you achieve your desired birth outcome, offering suggestions and support if the unexpected occurs. Your wishes and feelings about the birth are my priority. On the day of your birth, you will have my undivided attention.

    My pledge to you is that your entire experience will be supported because there is so much more to birth than the birthing day. Your feelings about your birth are of utmost importance to us.

    I will care for you and your birthing team with regards to your wishes, worries and circumstances as our priority. On the day of your birth,  I will join you, assuring that you have the undivided attention you deserve on this important day.

    water birth doula
    National Child Passenger Safety Certified
    International Childbirth Education Association
    Center For Breastfeeding
    Center For Breastfeeding


      Contact: (860)638-9133


      To Empower Your Journey, Begin With Ashley.

      We are located inside Empowered Beginnings.

      3074 Whitney Avenue, 1st Floor, Suite 211

      Hamden, CT 06418


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