Introducing Your Parenting Village

Introducing Your Parenting Village

Meet The Woman
Behind Empowered Beginnings



Meet The Woman Behind Empowered Beginnings

Ashley Minihan has been working with families for over twenty years. As a mom and a foster parent, she became an active member of local mom groups. 

Soon, Ashley realized that she had the gift of connection. She began a support group for young moms. She also led parent-child playgroups, provided  in-home parent support and education, and taught many workshops to parents as well as other professionals. Ashley also works with the state giving prenatal education and acts as birth support for people who are incarcerated while pregnant.

Ashley holds Certifications as a  DONA Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, Passenger Safety Technician, Spinning Babies Parent Educator and Circle of Security Facilitator as well as Parents as Teachers, Touch Points and has earned a Family Development Credential. Her goal is to support prenatal and postnatal families as they navigate parenthood. A passion for  providing parents with options and helping them decide what works best for their family, Ashley can offer personal as well as professional experience to empower parents to make the best decisions.  She prides herself in respecting everyone’s choices in a non-judgmental way by offering emotional support during the journey of parenthood.      

Doula Services

Begin with Ashley:
Birth Doula

Family is at the center of our care. The relationship that we will develop, and the time spent connecting and sharing information while getting to know your family, is what will enable us to support your unique needs.

Your entire experience will be supported because there is so much more to birth than the day of. Your feelings about your birth are of utmost importance to us. We will care for you and your birth team with your wishes, worries and circumstances as our priority. 

With a combined experience of 40 years and supporting thousands of families, Ashley and Dawn are a one-of-a-kind team! We each bring unique skills, wisdom and experiences to our team. You will get to know us both and have access to both of us throughout your pregnancy. On the day of your birth,  one of us will join you, assuring that you have the undivided attention you deserve on this important day.

Empowered Beginning Doulas:
Birth Doulas

EB Doulas offers a strength-based approach when providing support through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We guide and support you as you learn everything your newborn has to teach you about parenting them.

We are here to help you understand your birthing options. We help you build confidence in your communication with your providers.

We provide continous labor and birth support for you and your birth team and stay with you for 1-2 hours for postpartum assistance after birth.

All in all, no matter what, we fully support your choices.

New Life Doulas:
Postpartum Doula

Rebecca began New Life Doulas so that she could bring like-minded Doulas together in order to help support families that are transitioning into parenthood. Rebecca and her team provide expert care and education to families seeking assistance in the days and weeks following the birth – working together to allow families to feel secure and confident on their parenting journey. New Life Doulas offers unwavering support to you when you need it most.

Lactation Services

Lactation with Dawn Services:

Enjoy one-on-one personalized lactation education and assistance with latching, milk supply, pumping and returning to work education.

Dawn Havener, CLC, has been working with families in their lactation journeys for over 20 years and has supported hundreds of families. Dawn will come to your home as well as be available via text and facetime to ensure that you are having a positive breastfeeding experience.

Lactation Consultant in CT

Milkin’ Melanin Lactation Services:

Dani has assisted hundreds of families over the past few years. She assists in implementing evidence-based practices in order for you to see improvements and achieve your goals!

Dani helps with identifying the issues that may be causing you to have pain or low supply. She does this by incorporating different methods that will improve your outcomes so you can feel more confident on your journey.

Dani will also work with you on proper infant feeding techniques to ensure that your baby is bottle fed safely (whether you’re providing expressed breast milk or formula).

Therapy Services

Regenerative Edge Services:

We offer pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapy services to help you resolve pain, prepare for pregnancy and postpartum, and put bladder, bowel, and sexual health issues behind you. Our program helps you to create awareness through breath and movement, develop coordination and strength in the whole body, and integrate functional activity and wellness practices. With a personalized plan of care and long term solutions, you will build confidence and feel empowered to return to the activities you love. 

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