Doula Services

Doulas at Empowered Beginnings in Connecticut offer invaluable support to expectant mothers before, during, and after childbirth. These trained professionals provide emotional, physical, and informational assistance, fostering a positive birthing experience. From prenatal education to continuous labor support and postpartum care, doulas play a crucial role in empowering families and ensuring a smoother transition into parenthood. In Connecticut, the presence of doulas highlights a commitment to holistic and personalized maternity care.

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EB Doula Services:
Birth Doula

EB Doula Services: $1950

  • Work exclusively with one of our amazing agency doulas 
  • Two in-person prenatal meetings
  • Unlimited calls/texts with your doula
  • Labor and birth support
  • One in-home postpartum visit
  • Weekly postpartum group meetings

Connect with EB Doulas

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Begin With Ashley Services:
Birth Doula

Exclusively Ashley Doula Package: $3700

At Begin With Ashley, you’ll exclusively collaborate with Ashley as your Doula.

  • Monday Evening Meetings
  • Weekly Postpartum Group
  • All Empowered Beginning Classes
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    New Life Doulas Services:
    Postpartum Doula

    Create Your Own Package:

    • In-Home Support for the Entire Family
    • Newborn Care & Education
    • Nutrition & Wellness Guidance
    • Meal Preparation
    • Strong Emotional & Feeding Support
    • Sibling Care & Engagement
    • Lactation education & support
    • Overnight Services
    • Referrals to Service Providers
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Alternative Healing Practices
    • Schedule Tracking
    • Swaddle and Baby Wearing Techniques
    • Breast Pump & Bottle Care
    • Household Organizational Support
    • Light Housekeeping & Errands

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