The Benefits of Hiring a Birth Doula And Postpartum Doula

The Benefits of Hiring a Birth Doula And Postpartum Doula

There are many benefits of hiring both a birth doula and a postpartum doula. 

Birth Doulas offer support to not only the person in labor, but also to the partner. The birth doula is there to help ensure a positive, fulfilling, and empowering birthing experience. 

Your doula support doesn’t have to end at childbirth. Many new parents choose to have a postpartum doula to assist with the early days of life with a newborn. This helps them transition into parenthood slowly and limits the strain of this new role. A birth doula and a postpartum doula have their benefits, and this article explores how.


What Is A Birth Doula?

Birth doulas are birth companions who provide the expectant parents and their families with emotional, physical, and educational assistance. Consider a birth doula as a kind of therapist who will assist you and your partner through the labor and delivery process. The doula helps the person giving birth to speak out for themselves. They highlight the parent’s needs, demands, and preferences as necessary.

Another doula benefit is prenatal counseling sessions. Birth doulas offer this to provide ongoing support to expectant parents and their families. You may rely on doulas to be a source of courage and serenity through what might otherwise be a difficult and even frightening experience.


What Is A Postpartum Doula?

The postpartum period is a significant moment of transition for you, your body, and, well, your entire family. These doulas offer non-medical help in the crucial days and weeks following delivery, in contrast to a birth doula who provides assistance during the actual labor and delivery.

They support by cleaning, preparing meals, and filling in when a new parent needs to rest. In addition, when a parent needs emotional support, a postpartum doula will boost their spirits using mindful techniques.


What Is The Function Of A Birth Doula?

The middle stages of your pregnancy is when the interaction between a parent and the birth doula begins. They build a bond during this time so that parents feel comfortable asking questions, actively participating in the birth plan creation, and expressing their worries. 

Doulas stay close to the expectant parent the entire time they are giving birth. They are able to offer comfort by using methods to relieve pain, like relaxation techniques,  breathing exercises, laboring positions, and massage. It’s important to note that doulas play no medical role in the birthing process but do help reduce the risk of needing medical intervention.


What Is The Function Of A Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula can fill many roles after birth. However, what they do for one parent may not be required for another. A postpartum doula is concerned with the well-being of the new parent as well as the infant. They assist with newborn skills, including washing, diapering, swaddling, sleeping, and breastfeeding, in addition to supporting the postpartum parent’s physical and emotional recovery.

Some of their other duties may include helping around the house with things like preparing meals, light cleaning, and assisting siblings with adapting. Postpartum doulas are also there for partners and will help them adjust to being new parents. In addition, because of their experience, they will easily be able to pick up on postpartum depression.


Benefits Of Having A Doula At Your Birth

Birth doulas have been known to affect successful birthing outcomes. For example, parents who had their support were less likely to undergo cesarean delivery or receive medication for pain relief. Additionally, parents have claimed to have had more satisfying labor and delivery experiences with a doula by their side.

What are the benefits of having a doula at your birth:


  • Doulas give families a sense of support, lessening the emotional experience of childbirth and fostering an environment where the parent feels free to express themselves and experience whatever they are feeling.

  • According to research, having a doula on the birth team reduces the demand for an epidural by 60%, the time of labor by 25%, and the overall cesarean rate by 50%. 

  • Birth doulas not only assist the birthing parent but also partners in participating in the birth to the fullest extent possible. As a result, they physically and emotionally have a significant impact on everyone concerned.


  • A baby that is not in the proper position for birth can frequently be helped by the doula’s expert hands and positioning equipment to pass through the pelvis, adding to the birth doula benefits.


Benefits Of A Postpartum Doula

As a first-time parent, no one expects you to know everything right away. We all need someone to learn from, and that’s where a postpartum doula will help change all of that. They share their years of experience and offer you someone, to lean on while you figure things out. 


What are the benefits of a postpartum doula:


  • A postpartum doula is a crucial member of your support system because they empower you using different methods while reducing some of your stress.


  • Having a newborn to care for can affect your mental health more than you would imagine. Many new parents struggle with postpartum depression. A postpartum doula can spot early indications of postpartum depression and provide the resources so parents can obtain the aid they require as soon as possible.


  • Another of the benefits of a postpartum doula is that they help parents gain confidence more quickly than when they handle things on their own. New parents start to believe in and trust themselves when they have someone present to confirm that their decisions are indeed the right ones.


  • Everyone in the family must adjust when a new baby is brought home, not just the parent. Partners and other children also have to adapt to the change in their environment. In general, the postpartum doula can help keep the family’s daily routines in place as much as possible and can also incorporate ways to modify those patterns to fit the new baby in.


Final Thoughts

When your baby is born, having a doula at your side can be really helpful. Whether you choose to have a birth doula, a postpartum doula, or both, your support system for labor and parenting will be solid. The great thing about doulas is that your whole family can benefit from you having one.


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